Post Operative Nursing Care

Since the world is so fast and likes the simplicity even the healthcare system is growing rapidly and shows more interest on the Short stay surgeries and procedures. No more long stay in the hospital is the recent trend in the healthcare industry and so many hospitals are there which focuses on the short stay procedures and surgeries.

The major advantages for the short stay is minimizing the risk of infection, controlling the cost factor for the room charges for the patients. Post operative nursing care is most important aspect in any surgeries which has to be taken care in the Short stay type of surgeries also. Hence taken this into consideration HealthAbove60 plays an important role in creating the POSTOPERATIVE NURSING CARE Packages.

Here the patient need not stay in the hospital only for the sake of nursing care following the 2nd post operative day. The Post operative nursing care package is made for 5 days and 10 days depending on the surgeries and the need for the patients.

The Post operative nursing care includes the Injections which may be therapeutic or the prophylactic following the surgery, Wound care, Feeding which may be oral or naso gastric, Giving medication, assisting for the mobilization etc.

The nursing care following the surgery plays a vital role in the progress of the patient hence we focus more on the post operative home care nursing which helps the patient to reduce the hospital stay there by reduces the risk of infection.

More personalized attention and care is given for the patients post operatively and the nurses are trained adequately to expertise in the post operative nursing care.

Since almost all the children of the elderly are office goers there is no body at home to take care of the elderly especially a post operative elderly at home. There is a boon of packages provided by HealthAbove60 which helps us to get the personalized post operative care for the elderly at home.

Post operative mobilization also plays an important role in many surgeries in which it reduces many other associated risks and complications. The post operative nursing care will help the patients for the 2nd hourly position changing and mobilization and also frequent mobilization of the patient depending on the condition of the patient and also as per the doctors advice during the time of discharge.

Post operative nursing care can also be initiated during the discharge time itself which will help the nurses to know about the condition of the patient during the hospitalization also. The main

aim of this post operative nursing care to give the personalized medical care which in terms reduces the risk of infection for the patients.


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