Common Geriatric Problems and Tips for Healthy Ageing

It is well known that as we age medical problems are inevitable and they are treatable and some conditions are non treatable which require only rehabilitation therapies. The most common problems found among geriatric patients are,

  • Alzheimers and Dementia:

Loss of memory is one of the general issues that are found in old aged people. The main problem is there will be loss of concentration, stability, communication and other mental related functions. There is no exact treatment for this condition but antioxidants are used to limit down the symptoms.

  • Depression:

It is a condition in which the elderly feels sad and have low mood. The main reason is loneliness as they will be left alone by their children’s and relatives. Depression must be treated as early as possible as it will be lead to psychiatric illness. Once you notice that your elders are depressed, they should be taken geriatrician or physician and treated at the earliest.

  • Visual injury:

It refers to the difficulty in seeing the objects and classified into three types, low vision, severe vision and high vision. Elder people tend to suffer from low and severe vision. They mainly have eye problems such as glaucoma or cataract. They can see the eye specialist and can be treated according to their problem.

  • Orthopedic problem:

As we grow older, joint problems are frequent because the cartilage present at the joint becomes weaker. Mostly they will suffer from back pain, osteoarthritis and knee problems. To prevent they can exercise regularly and in severe cases medication and surgery is advised.

  • Hearing problems:

It is associated with decrease in the sense of hearing. Almost half of the geriatric patients have hearing problems. They will miss hearing certain sounds or become total deaf. They can use hearing aids to support. Medications and some special training also help. They can also consult the ENT specialist as they might recommend surgery for some cases.

Tips for healthy ageing:

All elders want to live a healthy and active life but they get into medical problems and they require some assistance to continue the rest of their life. They all want to live longer with good expectancy. To achieve this they can following these tips and can enjoy successful ageing.

  • They should adopt healthy and active lifestyle such as,
  • Smoking should be avoided
  • Consumption of alcohol must be stopped
  • Regular exercising and not becoming obese should be maintained
  • Having periodical medical checkups
  • Falls and head injuries should be avoided
  • Socialize among other people,
  • Indulge in social activities such as dancing, etc.
  • Build strong family relationships
  • keep yourself engaged in adult educational programs
  • Plan your finance in the right way,
  • If you are going to retire plan in advance
  • Invest in trustworthy places
  • Choose right insurance coverage
  • Choose appropriate physician who has good knowledge about aged people
  • Choose right health care institutions who give preferences to adults for appointments to physician and all other services.

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