Expert Tips to Manage Asthma at Home

Asthma is unfortunately, one of those illnesses which don’t have a cure; but the good news is that the signs and symptoms of asthma can be controlled and managed in several ways. Though Asthma medications and inhalers are the common options, this condition can be managed at home by making a few changes in your day to day living. These changes have been proven to offer far more significant results than conventional treatments for asthma and allergies.

Below are few easy and simple steps that will help you live a better life when you have asthma

  1. Keep your home dust-free – As you already know, asthma is caused due to the irritation caused by allergens like dust and pollens; therefore it is necessary to keep your home clean and tidy.
  • Don’t spread carpets inside your homes as these capture and store allergens
  • Use air cleaners to remove allergens out of the air
  • To avoid pollens, don’t grow plants especially flowering plants, indoors
  • If you have pets, keep the litter box outside. And refrain from owning furry pets.
  • Vacuum sofas and curtains, and also clean and change bed sheets periodically to prevent accumulation of allergens
  1. Know your triggers – Different patients have different triggers. Therefore you need to consult with your doctor to identify your particular triggers to make sure that you don’t have any of those at home.
  2. Take your asthma medications regularly and follow all the instructions your care giver has recommended.
  3. Avoid smokes and fumes since these will worsen the condition
  4. Make sure you have an emergency contact who can rush to your assistance in case of any emergency. If the patient is a child, ensure that the school authorities are informed about it.
  5. Practice Relaxation techniques – Studies show that stress and anxiety are major triggers. So people who have asthma need to practice relaxation techniques such as mindful meditation, deep breathing, guided imagery meditation and muscle relaxation techniques for relaxing each muscle in the body.
  6. Arrange a regular doctor check-up at home
  7. A healthy diet – A nutritious diet does help in improving asthma. A diet comprised of fresh vegetables and fruits offer a lot of antioxidants, which is helpful in enhancing lung health. Doctors usually recommend 2 servings of fruits and 5 servings of vegetables every day. Fish is also believed to improve asthma symptoms. Too much of saturated fat in the body is said to counteract the functioning of asthma medicines. Pick skinless and lean meat over saturated fat. Dairy products are not recommended for individuals who suffer from asthma.

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