Leading an Active Life as a Senior Citizen

Being active is more important for a senior citizen – in all aspects of life. Leading the life in an engaging way and developing such attitude is the key to getting old as slow as possible. A healthy approach towards life increases the life span. It’s not a rocket science to learn and follow that healthy approach. In fact, it is simple and easier than we think. All it takes is a committed heart for it.

It is evident and proven that most of the diseases we get are the results our imbalanced and inactive lifestyle. This suffices to realize the importance of developing a healthy and active living experience. The active living is simple. We should keep moving the body parts that can move. In other words, if we are encouraging exercise and if it’s part of our day to day life, it in turn, compliments us with a great healthy living experience.

Encouraging the healthy living in seniors should start from the home environment. Care for elders in the home is essential as this improves the person’s quality of life both mentally and physically. It should start with the healthy diet and the regular exercises and a balanced life.

A healthy diet includes the meal plan with the nutritional supplements. Supplements are necessary for older adults as their body requires more nutrients considering the metabolism rate. Supplements like Calcium, Vitamin B12, Omega 3 fatty acids, and fibres can make a major difference in their degenerative age. This not only gives them inner strength but also boosts their physical and mental health to be active and to perform various activities.

Fitness Tips:

Seniors can easily get stressed and depressed. Engaging physical activates and lifestyle keeps them active. They can choose their interested and apt physical activity and do it regularly. Here are some tips to stay fit and enjoy the life to a greater extent.


  • Start an activity or exercise without straining the body too much. As the days pass by, the body will let you know how much you can stretch.
  • Start with mild to moderate exercises until the body gets accustomed to it.
  • Ensure to be accompanied by an attendant during exercises.
  • Drink plenty of water after the exercises as it is necessary to keep the body hydrated.
  • Early morning and post evening exercises are recommended.

Meditation to Relieve Stress:

Meditation is the best way to manage stress. Also performing medication and Yoga under the guidance of a certified Yoga trainer is recommended.

The continuous and the regular physical activity helps in lowering the risks of heart-related problems and also in maintaining the normal health values. This energized positive lifestyle not only helps in managing the diseases but also helps in enjoying the life for the longer period with great physical and mental health.


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